Tourism Sector in Spain Could Lose More Than 40 Billion Euros This Summer

International tourism expenditure totals for this year are expected to be lower, compared to last year. In 2019, 12 billion were spent in both July and August, and 9.7 billion in September.

According to the National Institute of Statistic- INE, between July and September last year, were registered 61.16 million trips made by Spanish residents. They spent just under 12 billion euros in Spain and 6 billion travelling abroad.

The Exceltur association thinks that annual losses will surpass 83 billion euros. This makes 60 per cent of the 140 billion spent in 2019 by domestic and international tourists.

Catalonia, the Canary Islands and Andalusia will be the most affected places by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Catalonia lost nearly 4.5 million tourists and 3.6 billion euros, compared to January until May period, in 2019. The Canary Islands lost almost three million tourists and 3.6 billion, while Andalusia lost 2.9 million tourists and 2.1 billion euros.

The Balearic Islands had 3.47 million tourists between January and May 2019, while during the same period this year, 400,000 tourists were registered.

Around 45 per cent of its GDP depends on tourism, in this region, while in the Canary Islands, tourism GDP is approximately 35 per cent.

Spain’s Fight to Save Tourism Sector

Earlier this month, Spain’s government launched two new plans/campaigns named the Operation Summer and the Safe Tourism Plan, as an effort to revive the tourism sector[2].

The Spanish government announced the launching of these two campaigns[3] through a press release, noting that the move was taken in a bid to position Spain as a safe and reference destination for national and international tourism.

“The Secretary of State for Security of the Ministry of the Interior has activated Operation Summer 2020 in the nine Autonomous Communities with the greatest tourist influx in its district and has deployed the Safe Tourism Plan throughout the national territory to guarantee the protection of the campaign summer that now begins and consolidate Spain as one of the safest tourist destinations on the planet,” government’s press release announces.

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